A New You


Imagine waking up one morning. Only this morning feels distinctly different – quite unlike the thousand others that came before it.

You don’t begin this day by immediately and anxiously rifling through a mental list of things you have to do: that challenging project at work, the errands you need to run, the phone call you meant to return two days ago. Instead, you savor long, restful breaths - your body loose, and your mind clear and ordered. You see how your tasks for the day serve your larger goals and how these goals align with your most deeply held values and noblest aspirations.

That persistent voice of scarcity, telling you there isn’t enough time, money, or options no longer drives the narrative in your head. It’s been replaced by the energizing hum of your sense of agency. You have faith that you can engineer a solution to any challenge that crosses your path. What’s more, you aren’t burning yourself out to reach these solutions. You aren’t rowing upstream anymore, but wisely opening your sails and harnessing the support and resources around you to propel you forward.



Setting Sail

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