"Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating." - John Cleese, member of Monty Python

First off, this website exists because I just read "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon. It's the sequel to his New York Times Bestseller "Steal Like An Artist". Both are great books. Clicking on these titles will take you to the page where you can (and should) order them.

Kleon summarizes, "If Steal Like an Artist was a book about stealing influence from other people, (Show Your Work) is about how to influence others by letting them steal from you".

I think what is so invigorating about these books is that they turn old concepts of creativity and connection on their heads. Concepts like "all great artists are solitary geniuses" - people that are blessed with some innate talent or insight that others don't have access to. They create originality in a vacuum - effortlessly - without anyone else's help or influence. Spoiler: that's bullshit.

Viewed THIS way, any creative person who runs into failure is bound to throw his pen/clay/accordian out the window and call it quits. Either that, or slog through their process with a sort of grim duty and feeling of inadequacy.

But Kleon is among the growing voices of artists and scientists that are sharing a different view of the true process of creativity. A view that leaves an opening for everyone. One that appreciates, imitates, iterates, and elaborates on the work of those we admire. A process that is a much more accessible, practical and sane way of operating in artistic endeavors.

That is what this website is about. This is a forum for playful explorations into processes that work for me as a songwriter.

I hope you join in.